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    unknown fonts

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      Hi all,
      Since several days I have a strange problem with FW CS3 under Vista
      Business. If I open a png that uses several Adobe Fonts (Caslon, Garamont
      etc. it really makes no difference) FW tells me that my document uses fonts
      that are not installed on my system and offers its replacement dialog. If I
      select the text FW "finds" the used font and shows it correctly in the
      Properties window, if I then select something else and come back to the
      text, the font window in the properties dialog is blank again, I click on
      the text again and it shows up.
      The fonts are there and installed, since many months, they are not new, nor
      are the fonts altered in any way. The png is nothing complicated nor does it
      have any additional layers or slices.

      Has anyone ever encountered this or has any idea what could cause it?