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      Hello. I'm in an interesting predicament. I created a kind of interactive seating chart for my company that allows one to look up peoples names and extension numbers. Unfortunately I created it in a way that severely limits updating new employees and positions.


      Yes, each of those frames is one person and at the end are additions. Quite a mess, ey? Unfortunately (for me at least) my company hired on some new people AND people moved around. This forced the list of people to grow which, after a long series of cataclysmic realizations combined with my relative lack of Flash experience primarily in actionscripting, has forced me to conclude that I need a better system. Not only for my sake but for any other graphic designer that takes my place in the future.

      Names blurred out to protect the innocent

      What I need is a much simpler way of doing this and having flexibility of adding people and changing locations without having to redo the whole thing. And I think actionscripting is the way to do it.

      An idea that I have now is that I need a movie clip that will start faded out but will look 100% opacity when rolled over or selected. Now all of this I know I can do with the basic button frames easily. HOWEVER I don't know the actionscript that will essentially reset that button back to it's default display of being faded back when a user clicks any button that is not the said button in question. Is there something like "if mouseclick=outside, goto frame 1" or a script that is similar?
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          After looking through Flash some more I discovered mouseReleaseOutside but that doesn't work. Is there a way to click outside of a button symbol and have that button symbol go back to the Up position?