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    PhotoshopServer.exe problem?

    Holli Graham



      My installation of Premiere Pro CS5 has never worked. When you the launch the program it hangs when trying to load ImporterPhotoshopProxy.prm. I looked in the processes and if I kill the PhotoshopSever.exe process, Premiere will load. I've been in touch with technical support and have an open case. However, they haven't offered any solutions other than reinstalling (which I've done several times), and they haven't responded in three days to my question about the PhotoshopServer process, and I'm getting VERY frustrated. I've googled and haven't found any answers either. I'm running it on Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit. Has anyone else experienced any problems like this or have any suggestions?  I really appreciate any suggestions anyone could give!




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          shooternz Level 6

          Are you installing the entire suite or a custom install of parts of the suite.


          Trial or full version?


          Search down the 'Clean Script" links in this forum and try the procedure before reinstalling.


          Good luck

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            Holli Graham Level 1

            Thanks for you help. It's the Master Collection. However, I uninstalled it and installed the trial to see if it would make any difference. It didn't seem to. I've installed the Master Collection version again too. I've uninstalled the whole Premiere family of products and tried running the cleanup script, but when I try to run CS5InstallerDatabaseUtility.exe as an administrator I get a Windows error saying the program has stopped working, that a problem has caused the program to stop working correctly. I have no idea what to try next?  Do I need to completely uninstall the entire Master Collection before running that program? Thanks!

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              Wil Renczes Adobe Employee

              Are you running any 3rd party firewall software?

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                Powered by Design Level 4

                im not sure on this but can the cleanscript be ran from the SAFE MODE ?


                Just guessing.




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                  shooternz Level 6
                  Are you running any 3rd party firewall software?


                  Its interesting that Wil asks this!


                  I have noticed that there appears to be a new degree of ADOBE "interest via  the web connection" in the new version CS5 !


                  I  have had some little errors / questions asked by Adobe and checked by the firewall.  Bit alarming really.  I just want to edit stuff.


                  I dont like like the way Adobe Live and Adobe Air are implimented in the NLE at all.   PIA with the updates and lack of user control.


                  The Flash Player should be simply a Flash Player.  Why is it not standalone in the package.  I never know what to expect when I open it to play out a just encoded flash file.  Embarrasing when a client is present.


                  How does one turn this update off (permanently)?

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                    Wil Renczes Adobe Employee

                    The irony behind my question is that it has nothing to do with web interest.  Some of the tech we use to communicate between apps uses local ports to funnel data around.  PhotoshopServer is one of these; so is the QuickTime32Server (the only way we can use QT, still a 32 bit technology, within a 64 bit environment is by running it in a 32 bit process & pushing data across to PPro), as well as DynamicLink.


                    The problem is that some firewall software seems to overreach & prevent even local ports from communicating, when they should be focusing on external ports.


                    (I don't have much insight into Air/Flash updates or what not, so I don't have anything to offer there.)

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                      Holli Graham Level 1

                      Hallelujah!!! The firewall thing was it! I am running BitDefender Antivirus. When I read this, I turned that off and my Windows firewall and started up Premiere Pro again.  This time it worked like a charm.  I exited out of it and turned the firewall and antivirus back on and started it up again, and again it launched without any trouble.  Not sure if Premiere Pro and PhotoshopServer.exe just had to initialize something when you launched it for the first time or if I'll have to keep turning it off in the future, but at least I know what the problem is now and how to get around it if it happens again. Still no word from Adobe Support on my open case. Sure am glad you guys were around and willing to help! Can't thank you enough!