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    Flash Drop Down Menu Help Needed


      I am using this set-up for a drop-down menu:



      I'm usign the vertical setup:  http://flash-menu.net/flash_drop_down_menu/download_vertical_drop_down_menu_free.htm


      I want to put it both on a static html page (for those who do not have FLASH installed), as well as the FLASH site.


      This is the site:  http://www.miltongordonussenate.com/flash/index.html


      I want to put this menu on both the Campaign page, AND the Links page.


      I have the seperate parts- the swf file, the html file, and the jscript file. I don't know if I am uploading the seperate files in the wrong place, or if I am just completely off base.


      Can someone help me with this, please?