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      Hi All


      I am using Flash Builder 4 and i have just started to get into working with Air.  I created a new Air project today and when i go to Run, i get a pop-up Error saying




      Any thoughts please ?


      Many Thanks

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          chris.campbell Adobe Employee


          Which platform are you using?  It sounds like you're having a problem with your SDK/AIR installation.  Could you try the following steps:


          1. Download the latest milestone release build of the Flex 4.0 SDK (
            1. Expand into your Flex Builder SDK directory as "\sdks\"
          2. Download the AIR 1.5 or AIR 2 RC SDKs (and appropriate runtime) and overlay it over the "\sdks\" folder.
            1. Please reference the AIR readme for proper overlay instructions for the appropriate platform.  Be careful here, this is typically the most problematic step for users.
          3. Make sure your FB project is pointing to the correct SDK by modifying the project settings.