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    DataGrid and Charts with dynamic XML

      First of all, forgive me if this has already been answered.

      The charting examples you see in the Flex documentation all use the same familiar ArrayCollection, and binds it to a DataGrid, Bar Chart, Area Chart, etc. However, all the grids and charts already know the structure of the data because the mxml contains field like yField="month" displayName="Month".

      What I am trying to do is make everything dynamic. I am converting an XML structure to an ArrayCollection and making it the dataProvider, but all I end up with is the column headers. The actual data doesn't populate the rows of the DataGrid.

      Beyond that. I want to take that same ArrayCollection I created from dynamic XML and use it as the dataProvider for any of the charts included with Flex Charting. Basically, a way to visualize the same data in any of the Flex charting components via a drop down.

      Has anybody got this to work?