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    Kuler CSS integration

    Neil Eisenberg Level 2
      Have you considered integrating these themes into an online data driven CSS style sheet that could be used in web design....so that basically you point your sheet to the Kuler site, and the preset swatches (1,2,3,4,5) load into the style sheet, and those swatches are used in various calsses throughout the sheet. That way, you could build you site your way, and all would be different even if using the same swatch. Then with a simple command you could switch themes to point to any kuler theme and change the site.

      I bet it could be done fairly easily...if its not in the works already.

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          Sami@Adobe Adobe Employee
          Hi Neil,
          That is a great idea! We have just released kuler APIs for the theme feeds. Maybe someone in the kuler community will take a crack at it! :-)
          We'll be featuring kuler mashups on an upcoming Showcase on Adobe Labs.
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            Neil Eisenberg Level 2
            Yes, I saw that, although I cant think what to do with it other than look at color shemes in a feed... thats not really what I had in mind... what I think needs to be done is some kind of javascript application that converts kuler1, kuler2, kuler3, kuler4, kuler5 to the appropriate hexadecimal value in your embedded CSS style (i think it would have to be embedded?) based on the named kuler color scheme or id number.

            I am not capable of doing it...lol but I HOPE someone reads this and maybe can figure out how you would do that. It would be killer.. ten through javascript you could also have a dropdown list on your site home page with a feed of color schemes that would feed the style sheet to change your site design on the fly, not unlike a css zen garden type approach.

            The api doesnt actually pull the hex numbers from Adobe does it?
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              Tim Strickland Level 1
              Sure does - the API retrieves the HEX value for each swatch in a theme, as well the RGB, CMYK, LAB, or HSV values corresponding to the color mode that the theme was saved in.

              Tim Strickland
              lead kuler geek
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                Neil Eisenberg Level 2
                Hmm... I couldnt figure that out... but I suppose if it does, and it can be stored in an XML file it can probably be used somehow with Spry to do what I suggest... you guys should talk to each other!!! lol
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                  This is one of the coolest ideas I have heard in a longtime. I have very little coding knowledge other then html, and css. I doubt I can offer much, but I am gonna look anyway.
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                    Neil Eisenberg Level 2
                    Great... Its probably an ajax type app that takes tha page ID and assigns it a CSS class that uses the selected color sceme's 4 or 5 hex values as its colors, and that ID could be the whole content area of the page?

                    Or maybe.. ahhh. I dont know