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    Cannot refactor a file into a different location

    Adam Cameron. Level 5

      I’ve got a file which I am referencing via <cfinclude> in quite a number of places in our app (say 20 places), and the path to it in the <cfinclude> is relative (*).  Now I find I need to re-home this file, so I figured I could use the refactoring functionality to do this.  No.  One can only rename a file, not move it.  I dunno how often I’d end up in this situation, but there’s been at least this one time (cue at least someone to think "... at band camp...")


      (*) Yeah, not ideal to have the relative references, but I just ran with what CFB inserted for me when I typed in the <cfinclude> tag.  Speaking of which, is it possible to get CFB to use a mapping for what it suggests as the path to use when selecting a file to include?