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    Keyboard-driven text-selection faulty

    Adam Cameron. Level 5

      I thought I raised this before, but cannot find reference to it either here or in the bug tracker.  Sorry if I’m repeating myself.

      Often I’ll find myself towards the end of a line of code, and wanting to select everything back to an earlier point (to lowercase it, or whatever).  I do this by pressing CTRL-SHIFT-LEFT_ARROW, holding my finger down as it selects word-by-word back to where I want selected (if that makes sense).

      What I’m finding is that fairly often CFB will actually cancel what I have selected, and start selecting again from the current cursor position.  So I’ll only end up with the second half of what I was intending to highlight actually selected.

      Initially I put this down to a flaky keyboard, but I’ve now experienced it on three computers, and also I don’t have it happening in any other application.  So it’s fairly certain it’s a bug in CFB.

      Another twist on this is that I have just noticed that I am also getting it when using CTRL-SHIFT-UP_ARROW to select blocks of text vertically.

      It’s a minor thing, but it’s pretty annoying.

      Anyone else notice this?