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    Code assist offering variable names from other methods

    Adam Cameron. Level 5

      As one starts typing a variable name, one can get a list of matching variable names (well: functions, methods, variable names, etc).

      I just noticed that the list is offering me (local) variables set in other methods.  Is CFB savvy enough to realise it should not be offering me those one?  IE: it should only be offering variables which are actually valid in the context of where the code is being written.

      Rather strangely, I also notice it doesn’t offer all variables that happen to match what I’ve already typed.  I can see another variable in a different method being set about 15 lines further up the file.  That variable doesn’t show up in the dropdown at all.  It’s called "aKeyMatch", and if I key in "a" then CTRL-SPACE, I get a list of every other possibly thing starting with "a", but "aKeyMatch" is not in the list.

      So what should one’s expectations be of this list of variables being offered?