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    Revisting E/R 82415 and refactoring error when deleting files

    Adam Cameron. Level 5

      This is in reference to E/R 82415.

      A few times today I have created a new file (File > New > File), and robotically called it something like "myFile.cfc", realising 2sec after pressing "OK", that I meant it to be a CFM file, not a CFC.  So I F2 on the file to rename it, but CFB brings up the same "error when refactoring" error as mentioned in 82415.

      Note that despite the error, the new CFM file is created, but I’m left with a CFM and a CFC of the "same" name.

      Subsequently I cannot delete the CFC file, as I keep getting the same error, until I close the "empty" CFC file in my code window.  Then it deletes fine.

      But it should just do what it’s told in the first place.  I’m not asking it to refactor anything (there is nothing to refactor anyhow, as there’s nothing in the brand new file, which is obviously not referenced anywhere yet), I’m asking to delete it.  CFB doesn’t usually do any refactoring kind of shenanigans when deleting files, like saying "hey, you know you’re referencing that file over here" (it’d be good if it did!), so I dunno what it’s on about.  Nor does CFB, seemingly.

      What’s going on?