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    TailView doesn't play nice with CFAdmin

    Adam Cameron. Level 5

      I have a custom log file created by <cflog>.  I was watching it with tailview, running a process logging data to it.

      The file was getting long, so I archived it in CFAdmin.

      I received no error, and the file was truncated, but no archive file seemed to be created (eg: mystuff.log.1).  Also CF was no longer apply to add log entries to it, until I completely closed CFB (so not simply closing the log in tailview, or closing the tailview view worked).

      I’ve just tried to replicate this, and the lack of archive file occurred again, but this time CF can still write to the file, but when I returned to CFB, it has completely frozen.  It’s been frozen for about 5min now.  I’ve killed CF wondering whether that might help, but no.

      I don’t think CFB should be interfering with CF’s operations like that.