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    Will alienware work with cs5?

    story2rewrite Level 1

      On slickdeals.net there's a posting for quite a bit off with a coupon code.   You get 21% off total purchase.  An extra $100 and free shipping.   I configured this Alienware Aurora setup for $2,191 with shipping.



      i7 920 2.66 ghz

      windows 7 professional

      nvidia gtx 480

      12 gb 1333 mhz ddr3

      1 tb raid 0(2x500 sata-II, 7,200 rpm, 16mb cache hdds

      1 tb sata II 3gbs 7,200 rpm 32 mb cache hdds

      21.5 full hd monitor


      There's also different options for second drive and a 10,000 rpm drive.   Or 2 260gtx for the same price as the one 480gtx.  You can also apply this to the area 51 line or laptops if your savy.  Unfortunately I don't have the cash yet.  Not till mid summer for a new pc.:(  But I figured someone can use this.


      Also, I'd just like to know if this would work or not.  Sometimes it seems there's better deals for the full setup without building - maybe I'm wrong.  Still a newbie in the computer field.  From what I've read this case seems to be good for upgrades.


      Here's the coupons if anyone wants.  You can stack them at checkout...