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    How To Change Hair Color




      I'm new to the forum, but have been using Photoshop for several years.  I've known how to change hair color and have had no problem doing so in the past, yet when I tried to do so this time using my usual method shown on this tutorial--http://www.onlyphotoshop.com/tutorial/change-hair-color/20/ --wouldn't work.  The hair color changed, but would only go to pastel. I even tried other methods of changing the color, but no matter what I did, it wouldn't give me the dark rich color I'm looking for.


      Again, I've done this dozens of times before so I can't figure out what is going on.  Have I hit some button that will only allow soft colors?  A default that was accidentally turned on?  Help!


      I'm trying to turn a blonde into a auburn redhead, so pastels just aren't cutting it.  Any advice as to get me back on track would be appreciated.




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          John Danek Level 4

          Take a look at Dan Margulis' book: Photoshop Canyon Conundrum or his Professional Photoshop book.  His lab techniques might be a good idea for a more advanced approach to changing hair color.  There are a few different techniques available in Photoshop and those books will help you squeeze more out of PS than what's available in the tutorial you've linked to.  Again, that is one of several approaches.

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            Linda Nicholls Level 4

            I think you can get the most natural look by using a quick mask to select the area you want to change, and then use a curves adjustment to modify the color. Adding the soft light blend mode to finish creates lovely, natural highlights.