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    How do I link exported flash buttons created in Flash Pro 8 Flash to pages in Dreamweaver 8?


      Hi everyone,

      I've recently started to learn Web Design, and I've just been teaching myself how to build Flash Buttons in Flash 8 Pro. This part seems straight forward enough, but the problem I'm now having is exporting the flash buttons into Dreamweaver 8 which I'm also teaching myself. In Flash I save my Button as a SWF file and then go into Dreamweaver. I then go to insert > Media > Flash and the grey box appears, which although I can't see the buttons in Design mode, I can see them when I check in the browser option. All of this part seems ok, but what I'm looking to do is to use my Flash buttons to link to a page. ie...About us flash Button links to About us Page, but I can't find any options that allows for this. It's been driving me insane. I like the Dreamweaver selection of Flash Buttons, but really want to find out how to import and use my own to link my web pages together. ANY help would be most appreciated!!!!