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    Dreamweaver CS3 and Microsoft Access

    Oliver Br

      I am curently building a website using Actinic v9 CMS and Dreamweaver CS3 for a project. I have posted the same topic on the Actinic forums.


      Actinic does have a login system built into it; and it uses a Microsoft Access Database (I think version 2000). What I am trying to do in Dreamweaver CS3 is create a secure registration feature. Basically how it works is this:


      A php script handles and passes on form information to temporarily be stored in a MySQL database. A javascript writes a randomly generated passcode to be read by the php - php sends an e-mail with the attached passcode and username - also temporarily stored in MySQL.


      When the user enters a hyperlink from the e-mail, they will fill in their username and the passcode - correct passcode is then retreived by another php from the MySQL database by finding the username. A Javascript will see if the two match and reply "true" or "false" to the php script. If this is true, php will retrieve all user data from MySQL server and put it into Actinic's Microsoft Access Database. If this is false, php will write that the code is incorrect, and ask to the user to retype the fields. After five attempts the php will wipe the user's record from the MySQL database and will have to re-register.


      What I need to find out is can handle MS Access databases and how will Dreamweaver CS3 help me with this? I already have learnt how to handle MySQL in php, it's that I never used Access for web databases before. Untill I started with Actinic, I didn't even think you could.


      My Domain is with UK2.net whislt the hosting is by Host-It.co.uk




      Adobe Web Premium CS3.3 Student Edition - Yes, I know is old but I can't afford it being a student - even with 80% off...