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    no hard disk in drive?? And file is not supported or the required codec is not installed??

    ljeco Level 1

      I have been working on a large project for over 6 months. yesterday it wouldn't open. First of all it asked me to point to the video file locations for the 18 files i've been happily working on for the last 6 months, then once i got past that it give me the message:


      'There is no hard disk in the drive. Please insert a hard disk into drive\Device\Harddisk2\DR2'


      ...and continually ceased up when i tried to skip or cancel to exit (forcing me to go to task manager to shut elements down).



      I should note that i have been working off files stored on a 1 terrabyte external HD. However i am still able to view and open all files from the ext HD in Windows Media Player etc. which to me eliminates the idea of a problem with the drive.


      I can open a new project and add the same file/s (first few files for a test run). Next its telling me

      "This type of file is not supported or the required codec is not installed"


      ...but it worked just the other day, so it IS supported and must have the required codec.


      Shifted a few files to the PC's hard drive. Seems to work ok... bringing me back to the fact that the external hard drive may be a souce of the problem, but i can open all files on there in all other programs... so it must be PE? Or is it?


      I cant find any other similar links on forum.. but if anyone can help or have suggestions i'd really appreciate your feedback! Cheers