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    RPG game walking problem

    JoshuaAlvey Level 1

      Hi I'm trying to make a onoine multi player game like (for example) Club Penguin. What I need to know is how do I make the characters wlak like they do on that game. Please help me out here Thanks


      - Joshua

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          PJSB_DK Level 3



          You could do stop animation.

          Make a new copy of the image and paste it into another frame.

          change the position of the image...

          copy that image into another frame and reposition it again..

          Do this until you have a series of frames, that will complete

          the walk.


          Use onion skin to easily change the positions of your image..(Let's you see a ghosted

          version of previous frames, thus make you repositioning much easier).


          Tweening is also a possibility...


          Add a start keyframe and an end keyframe for each animation group.

          Then you use actionscript to access your animations...

          gotoAndPlay(framenumber), stop.... etc....



          Do some testing...It's not that hard


          Best regards



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            JoshuaAlvey Level 1

            Thank you but I would like to know how to mkae the character go to wherever the mouse clicks while playing a walk animation.

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              PJSB_DK Level 3

              Hi again Bryce


              To move an object from one position to another position, simply use the object's x and y properties.

              Use events to listen for keystrokes and move object accordingly...

              That should point you in the right direction. You need to do some collision testing if there are obstacles



              Good luck with your project


              Best regards