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    "tearing" when exporting to MPEG-2 for DVD


      Hi all, I'm using Pr pro CS5 with a Gh1. I finished doing a wedding a couple of weeks ago: i shot it in 1280x 720p 60p NSTC (AVCHD). I put the footage in the timeline as that, worked fine, no rendering needed etc. Now when i exported the footage, i exported it to 720x560 DV 25p (PAL) MPEG-2 to put on DVD. I did some test before i did this (aswell as a ten mintue clip, both on DVD and MPEG-2) and it seemed to work fine. But when i played the exported MPEG-2 file back there seemed to be "tearing" at a certain point. (The footage is 1hr 33mins long) when i played back on the timeline back on the computer at that point, it works fine. When i exported the "tearing clip by itself, it works fine. Only when i export the whole timeline, the tearing happens at the same point. please help! Cheers Aaron