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    determine what movie clip was 'clicked'

      I want to do something like this...

      TestClip is a class that basically controls different states of the movieclip.
      The function showClip calls a local function that calls a method of the selected clip. That's the problem..showClip gets called but how do I know what clip was 'CLICK'ed so I can call its method? All showClip does is call the method from the class...

      I know I can add the mouse event directly in the class but I want to be able to call if like this from outside the class because I wan to perform other tasks in main at the same time.
      So this does add the movieclips and when you click on any of them they do call showClip. the problem is showClip doesn't know what movie clip was called so it can in turn call the 'clicked' movie clips method. How do I tell showClip what 'c' it was that processed the mouse event?

      Thanks Guys