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    variableRowHeight issue

      Hello all.

      I'm have a problem using variableRowHeight with a List component.
      I made an itemRenderer with the following VBox 2 Labels and a Text component.
      But I noticed that when I scroll the List the itemRenderer resizes and I shrinks the row preventing me from seeing the full data in the Text component. An example can be found in the guestbook of the following site: http://www.hypefmradio.com.

      I dont want to have each itemRenderer showing a vscroll bar. It just doesn't look good. For those suggesting using repeaters, I'm thinking about it, but I believe the List should be able to do the job. The TileList isn't much help either.

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          daynier Level 1
          Hi all.
          Looks like the repeaters were a good solution but I still believe that the List component should have been more than able to handle this. Anyhow, the problem with the repeaters is that it will consume too much memory if I have a long list. But anyway, my tagboad component is complete and works well.

          You can look for it on http://www.96mixx.com as soon as I'm done.