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    WARNING: Bogus Adobe Reader 2010!

    Howard Golden

      I just received a bogus offer to download "Adobe Reader 2010." This is a TROJAN! Don't download it!


      Here is the e-mail I received (I've removed my identification):


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      A better way to connect people, ideas and information.


      Adobe Solutions is pleased to announce new version of Acrobat Dynamic PDF Reader 2010 which enables you to:


      + Connect, interact, and engage in powerful new ways;
      + Streamline how you work, collaborate more easily, and create high impact communications;
      + Designed to meet the needs of todays business.
      + Reliably create and distribute PDF documents and forms.
      + Secure documents and accelerate information exchange with PDF.
      + Deliver the richest, most engaging PDF communications anytime, anywhere.


      Acrobat Dynamic PDF Reader 2010 helps you get more done - easier, faster, better.


      To learn more about new features and how to install this state-of-art application, you can:


      + Go to : http://www.adobe-acrobat-2010.com
      + Get your options, download, install and boost your works productivity.


      As a complementary, you are offered a chance to get a full version of Office suite for your office work convenience.






      Thank you for choosing us, the worldwide leading PDF Solution provider.


      With best regards,


      Tammy Norman


      Adobe Acrobat Reader

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