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    Making Titles Glitch?


      For some reason in CS5 Premiere Pro, for me, when I make titles I can only make one at a time without problems.


      What I mean by this is that when I create a title, and write in the words or whatever, it works fine.  Then when I create another one, and say new things in it, like "hello again!", it won't save the changes.  It acts as if I didn't write anything new.  It will just be a blank title frame.  I have to close Premiere and then open it again in order to make a new title and for the changes to save.  However, even that doesn't work fully since I can only edit one title and make the changes save;  if I try and edit another existing title or create a new one, the changes won't save.


      It's so frustrating that I can only edit ONE TITLE every time I start it.  Restarting doesn't help btw.


      I'm running Windows 7, 64 bit, and have all other Adobe CS5 apps installed.  Edting 1080p footage this time, though the problem persists even with 720p, I haven't tried it with anything else so I doubt it's the resolution.  I have an i7, 4 GB RAM DDR3, and a 1GB Nvidia CUDA card.


      Does anyone else have this problem?  Thank you so much!

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          shooternz Level 6

          CS5 Titling works as it always has for me. No issues.


          Run us through your exact steps to make a title and then a new one.

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            the_wine_snob Level 9

            I agree with Craig. There has to be something in the workflow, that is getting in the way.


            When a Title is created, it will be added to the Project Panel, from which any number of instances of that exact Title can be used in the Timeline. If one makes a change to that Title, it will be reflected in all instances. One would need to create a new Title, perhaps Based On Current Title, but with a new name.


            The more, step-by-step details that you can provide, the better.


            Good luck,