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    Duplicating Movie Clip or Inserting new movie clip with effect


      CS3 Flash - Complete newbie to Flash and I'm trying to change an existing flash piece.


      It consists of 4 different text statements that appear on a Black background - the first appears and stays on-screen for 10 secs, then it starts to blur and fade away in about a sec, and then the next statement appears, etc, etc., and the whole lot loops.


      The 4 statements appear as Video Clips (Symbols?) in the library.


      I need to add a new statement, which means there will be 5 statements. I duplicated one of the library items and renamed it, which seems to have worked fine... but I cannot then work out how I insert that video clip into the Timeline and still have the same visual effects and timing as the existing ones? I can insert a blank frame, but then I can only drop the new video clip text onto that one frame.


      I've tried copying and pasting a whole set of frames, and then go in and change the text. Which I thought had worked, but then discovered that it also changed the original frames.... now understand that's because they are just instances and any change will affect the master Video Clip!


      So can anyone advise if I can insert my newly added and renamed video clip into the timeframe and create the same effect as the others?


      Please keep any advice as idiot-proof as possible as this is my first venture into Flash... not finding it as intuitive as I hoped, spent 6hrs to date just trying trial and error without any real success.



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          GSWiFiMan Level 1

          With another few hours of perseverance I have managed to suss this out!


          I had seen reference of the 'Swap' option for the KeyFrames, but couldn't work out how to bring that option up. I eventually realised that even though I was highlighting the keyframe in the Timeline, I was NOT then clicking on the content on the stage, which then shows the options.


          Once I did that I could see that I could and needed to swap all the relevant keyframes from the duplicated frames I had pasted in, with the new Movie Clip in my library.


          So I swopped all of them to get the on-screen text messages to appear in a specific order, which only took about 5 minutes (after about 7hrs of trial & error!). Happy & relieved man!