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    Curved motion paths?

    Thumbslinger Level 1

      hi there-

      I have CS4 and it's been ages since I used Fireworks and even longer since making animated gifs. I fired it up tonight and saw that I couldn't seem to select the points between a Start and End path and then pull them wherever to alter the path more to a curve.


      Is this not possible in CS4?


      I'm working on a jquery solution but realized how much easier and 100% bullet-proof it would be with an animated gif. Unfortunately, since there are screened graphics, the Flash export to animated gif isn't good enough....and yes, the directive is to use something other than Flash.



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          lindan19994533 Level 4

          Fireworks doesn't do motion paths. Flash does, however. If you want to animate along a path in Firewoks you need to do it manually. One way would be to draw your path, and then create a shape you want to animate. Convert the shape to a graphic symbol. Place the center of the symbol at the beginning of the path. Right click of the path and symbol and chose Duplicate State. Move the symbol farther along the path on state 2, and then duplicate again. Move the symbol along the path and duplicate the state again.  Repeat duplicating the state and moving the symbol until, i the final state, the symbol is at the end of the path. Hide or delete the path on each state, and then test play your animation.

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            Thumbslinger Level 1

            Thanks Linda... I was going to do that but thought a curved motion path might be hidden in there since we see each state on the path... maybe in CS5? Ah well, thanks!

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              Jim_Babbage Level 4

              No, not is CS5 either. Unless you do it manually as Linda described.


              Another option you do have though, is adding all your objects in one layer, mapping your path. Once you've done this, select them all and then go to the States panel. Click on the Options button (upper right corner of panel) and choose Distribute to States. This will place each object on it's own state. From their you can export out as a GIF animation or SWF.


              You may have to experiment with the sequencing from state to state, but it will work.


              Jim Babbage