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    Too much programs need a internet connection?




      i noticed, that the following programs want and mostly need a internet connection in order to have a correct working AE:

      - Adobe Application Manager

      - Adobe CS5 Service Manager

      - Adobe After Effects CS5

      - Adobe Updater Startup Utility

      - Adobe QT32 Server.exe

      - dynamic link processor

      - ........

      Isn´t it rather useless? AE CS4 works fine without any of these.

      Which data are send? And why?


      In my opinion, its ok to verfiy the serial number one time (like microsoft & windows) and check for updates weekly, but not more...

      (curious:AE CS5 even works fine, if you allow the programs to access the internet, but there is no connection)




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          Mylenium Most Valuable Participant

          They don't send data, they merely open local sockets, which is a whole different thing from actually opening a network connection. It's a fundamental way of how your operating system components communicate with each otehr and applications. You are confusing things here. The only Adobe tools that do occasionally send data or check for data are as follows:


          • Adobe Application Manager/ AAM Notifier - updates and patches
          • Adobe licensing system - license validation
          • Adobe CS Services - online services
          • Crash reporter
          • Product improvement program


          Except for the licensing system, all of those can be disabled in the respective menus and preferences or they are off by default, so never any data is sent.



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            Todd_Kopriva Level 8

            To add a little to what Mylenium said:


            Some of the components of After Effects CS5 and other CS5 programs use TCP (one of the protocols that is also used for internet communication) to communicate with each other within your computer.


            These include the Dynamic Link server and the QuickTime server.


            We limit the connections to the local machine  only (which is enough for most firewalls), but some aggressive firewalls block communication between these components.

            If you are having problems with  After Effects,  then explicitly telling your firewall to allow them to communicate may  help.


            Here  are the executables that might be affected:

            Adobe QT32  Server.exe

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              Wolle101 Level 1



              thanks to Todd_Kopriva and Mylenium for their (detailed) answers.

              It seems, that i have to calm down  a little bit. 

              I didnt know, that AE uses TCP to communicate with other programs.....


              If i allow the TCP connections, i dont have any problems and CS5 works fine.