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    Removing PS5 & ACR 6.1 rips out profiles from LR2 & LR3B2

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      This is my first post here although I do read the forums from time to time. Unfortunately I have a rather serious problem.


      I installed the ARC 6.1 final update over the Release Candidate (with some difficulty - I had to run the install twice) and then I did the Bridge upgrade.


      However by the time it was all working again I found that my Photoshop Extended 5 demo had expired so I removed it (it would have been nice to have done a demo of the "final" product).


      I fired up Lightroom 2.7 today and found that all of the non-beta profiles from Adobe had been removed when I removed Photoshop. I tried the LR 3 Beta 2 and found the same thing. The only profiles left are profiles that I installed myself and the beta profiles from Adobe.


      Is there a way that I can re-install these profiles without having to re-install Lightroom too?