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    ATI Radeon

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      Hi Guys

      Apologies if this is a dense question, but I'm more application orientated than hardware. I've been saving my pennies and I'm about to upgrade (before the UK budget) to the CS5 Master collection. Two of the programmes I will be working with a lot is PremierePro and AE.


      I had a PC built at the end of last year. It has Intel i7, 6 gb of RAM, W7pro 64bit and 2x1tb HD (soon to have the RAM doubled and a 3rd HDD to be configured into RAID formatation). However it has an ATI Radeon HD4650 installed, which worked fine when I trialed Pr CS4 (I didn't buy CS4 because I heard CS5 would launch in a matter of months).


      Upgrading the RAM and HDD configuration pales into insignificance against the cost of one of the recommended NVIDIA cards. Does CS5 mean I'll have to start saving again to buy one of the recommended cards before I can move to CS5 or will the ATI card handle it until I can upgrade the graphics card at a later stage?