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    Export to swf?




      Can I export from flash catalyst to one swf file?

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          Yes you can export to a swf very easily.


          Once you are finished with your project just click "File" and then click on "Publish to swf/air"





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            idansh Level 1

            when I do export to swf it's exporting alot of files, non of them

            works alone, I need to open the html file so they work.


            Is there anyway that I can export a stand alone swf (like in flash)?


            Thank you

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              d_skinner Level 1

              When You press "export to swf/air" a dialogue box should pop up with some check box options and then you choose your desitination folder and hit "Run" Then Flash Catalyst exports the project to destination folder. It makes a new folder with the name of the Project, Then 2 folders inside of that one. One folder is called "Deploy to web" and the other is  called "Run Local" The first folder is a nicely organized folder that is instantly ready to be uploaded to a hosting site to make your website work. The other is a folder full of the files you would need to host it yourself on your own server. There are 2 copies of the swf file, one in each folder. If you only need the swf file then just grab it out of that folder.


              I just tested this again to make sure this works and it works every time for me. The swf can run alone just fine.