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    Godaddy problems with new FTP user access

    littleredkayak Level 1

      In my Godaddy hosting account I set up a new FTP user so that I can give a client direct access to her website. I cannot get it to work in DW CS4. I get the following message:


      "An FTP error occured. Cannot open remote folder /foldername/. Access denied. The file may not exist or there could be a permission problem."


      1. The file/folder does exist.
      2. I am able to FTP the files with my primary FTP username/PW

      3. I can also FTP the files with the new FTP username/PW using Filezilla
      4. I double (and triple) checked the new FTP user name and password in the DW site setup. I do have everything entered correctly.

      5. I also tried suggestions to use the IP address, add the port to the end, etc. It all works fine if I use my primary but not with the new FTP user.


      Of course Godaddy can't help because FTP works outside of DW. I know I could just use Filezilla but I want to make the site updating as easy as possible for my client.


      I'd appreciate any suggestions for other things to try.