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    light/shadow rendering problems


      hello everyone

      I'm making art for print and am thus working at 4000 x 4000 to get 300 dpi 600 x 600

      when i render at half res (result being 2000x2000) my render looks exactly like i want it to

      However, when i render at full res my light and shadows mess up, the shadows seem to dissapear alltogether

      Also, full res render preview crashes my after effects, and full res render que sometimes crashes.


      The project uses 3 lights, one point light in the middle of the object, one spot light at high right and an ambient light for added color.


      I am using save frame as, to a psd file.

      We use cs5 at school, and this is what i'm using to render and work with

      images included, the good looking one being the half res render

      Have tried color depth, diferrent color profiles and different shadow map resolutions, all without results

      would love some help, thanks


      Screen shot 2010-06-03 at 15.25.17.png

      Screen shot 2010-06-03 at 15.25.08.png

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          Rick Gerard Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          It's probably shadow map resolution. How far did you go?


          Try rendering to a tiff or even a jpg. How much memory do you have?

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            thomasososos Level 1

            4 gb's ram, snow leopard, 9600 gt right now

            I've tried every shadow map resolution setting.

            Just found out that at 2000x2000 full res it does work, and looks exactly like my 4000 x 4000 half res render


            So looks like my macbook cant handle the full res render, but one would expect the render just to take Veeeeerrry long?

            Instead it just renders in 10 seconds or something

            rendering to tiff  or jpeg doesnt change anything


            so, the shadow map stops working at 4000x4000? But even in different settings like 250, it doesnt work at 4000x4000?


            So i assume the render engine just messes up at that resolution....


            But i need the resolution, so thats a *****

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              Mylenium Most Valuable Participant

              Your shifting blame onto the wrong side, I'm afraid. For all intents and purposes, a shadow map is just another big image projected back into the scene. Now add to that all your otehr buffers and you can easily exhaust all memory on your Mac, especially when working in higher bit depth modes. So yes, it's the inadequacy of the hardware. Simple computational math. 4000x4000 pixels * 32bits * 4 channels ~ 2 GB for an uncompressed comp buffer alone and even in 8bit it's around 500MB. Now imagine how trying to throw even an extra 100MB on top of that might make things go defunct, given that on a Mac you only have 3GB available for 32bit apps and of those the app itself will need some memory.... Simply impossible. Your only option is to download AE CS5 trial and try. 64bit apps do not suffer the memory limitations, but 4GB physical RAM may still not be enough...



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                thomasososos Level 1

                that seems to be the problem then

                I am currently on a cs5 demo so the extra memory is there, i'm on snow leopard so 64 bit


                at school we work with cs4, so even if we have 8 gb ram on some spots i wont be able to use it because the project is in cs5 and cs4 wont even be able to use all the memory, am i correct?

                So i'll have to find someone with cs5 and loads of ram then i guess