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    After Effects error: invalid filter (25::3)


      Someone reported this error when using my plug-in on a Mac. It works fine on my Mac and on many others, but reports this error on his system. My globalsetup code gets called and works fine, but AE reports this error.

      Any ideas?

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          tlapse Level 1

          I forgot to mention it is for CS5, compiled using the AECS5 SDK for 64-bit intel, Mac OSx 10.5.

          The user's specs are...



          Hardware Overview:


            Model Name:                        iMac

            Model Identifier:                    iMac6,1

            Processor Name:                 Intel Core 2 Duo

            Processor Speed:                 2.16 GHz

            Number Of Processors:       1

            Total Number Of Cores:      2

            L2 Cache:                             4 MB

            Memory:                               3 GB

            Bus Speed:                           667 MHz

            Boot ROM Version:              IM61.0093.B07

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            Zac Lam Adobe Employee

            This error has to do with the code that calls PF_Cmd_SEQUENCE_SETUP.  Is your effect returning normally from that command on the user's system?



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              tlapse Level 1

              I normally return PF_Err_None, but if PF_NEW_HANDLE or PF_LOCK_HANDLE fail, I return PF_Err_INTERNAL_STRUCT_DAMAGED.

              Is 25::3 from  PF_Err_INTERNAL_STRUCT_DAMAGED?