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    Playback audio option

      I would like to be able to insert on a slide the capability of the viewer to listen to the audio or not. Does anyone know how or if you can do this? I have captivate 1 but am getting ready to upgrade to 3.
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          CatBandit Level 3
          Hi there " outofthejar"!

          The built-in playback controls for both version 2 and version 3 include an audio-mute button right on the control. That button will mute all audio during the movie until it is clicked "On" again.

          If you feel that you need a mute control for each individual slide, I suggest you visit Paul Dewhurst's Captivate Tips web-site and get his widget (SWF) for a mute control. Paul is a Captivate Community Expert who lives in Liverpool, England.

          Paul's site is located at this link , and you can follow his internal links from there to find what you want. Good luck!
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            outofthejar Level 1
            just what I need- thanks for the help.