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    App Performance problem developed in javascript


      I have  proplemas, both as AIR 1.5 AIR 2.0, windows 7 with an application  developed in html, javascript, AJAX and SQLite.
      I read and  applied all the tips regarding otimización:
      -Reduce the  framerate to 12 (nativeWindow.stage.frameRate = 12) instead of 24
      -Reduce the  framerate to 1 during the event DEACTIVATE  (air.NativeApplication.nativeApplication.addEventListener  (air.Event.DEACTIVATE, function () {nativeWindow.stage.frameRate = 1;}))
      -Increase the  framerate to 12 for the ACTIVATE event again
      -Remove the  intervals after use: clearInterval (interval); interval = null;
      -Delete objects  after use: conn.close () conn = null; stmt = null;

      Notwithstanding  that, and without in the Task Manager problem is noted in the use of CPU  or memory (not grow in time or high), after some time
      onmousemove  events as significantly lagging behind and, for example, my custom  scrollbars lock and become almost useless.
      With  experience in solving performance problems in other environments  (Explorer 6), I can say that this is not a typical problem of  cross-references and bad programming practices. I think in reality it is a problem
      AIR itself,  however would appreciate any suggestions.