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    Youtube meta injection

      Im creating an XML driven FLV carousel. All is built and looking good. The carousel has 3 random videos, populated via the XML.

      Once loaded, the videos progressively download simultaneously. This was causing quite a bandwidth issue so I have rewritten the code so that the items are initially loaded with a dummy, small vid and then load the random vid from the xml when they are clicked on. This works, but the seekBar and bufferingBar component only update for youtube videos !. Any other flv I have encoded using Squeeze, Flash, MediaEncoda, Riva or any other encoder don’t seam to work – they just stay in a buffering state.

      Ive have tried injecting metadata using burrak's tool but this doesn’t seam to help. I cant work it out. I have inspected the metadata used on the youtube vid but cant see what is different from my metadata. I will upload the extracted metadata if needed.

      Is there anything else that could be preventing my encoded files from buffering / seeking correctly besides the metadata ?
      Can anyone help me here, I'll get the 's in if you can...