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    3D camera movements from 2D photo - alternative software?




      I would like to create videos from 2D photos that look like the images are 3D images.


      This is an example of what i'm trying to achieve - note that I am not interested in the transitions, lens flare or other effects. Just the camera movements.




      I CAN do this in After Effects but since I am only looking to be able to make camera movements based on either a layered PSD file or multiple files I'm actually looking for an alternative to After Effects.


      Talking to the Adobe people a couple of times they said that it could be done in Photoshop Extended but I've just finished testing v5 and I couldn't see how to do it. On the other hand they couldn't load the video linked above so they may not have understood the question.


      So does anyone have any ideas of software that can do this, from Adobe or otherwise.


      I don't own After Effects and I really don't want to have to buy it just for this.


      I thought about asking on the Photoshop forum but I decided to ask here first since you guys may know of alternatives and also you also have just the one platform.



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          Mylenium Most Valuable Participant

          I'm sure there is some "Ken Burns effect with perspective" effect out there in Ulead Video Studio, Magix or any of those and it may be part of plug-ins like FXFactory and NewBlueFX, but if you don't have access to any of those tools, that's not going to help you much, either. If you couldn't get it to work in PS, then you had poor advise. Should be easy enough using the Animation palette in combination with 3D layers...



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            Rick Gerard Adobe Community Professional & MVP

            This is sometimes called the Kid Stays in the Picture effect. It involves separating foreground, middle ground, and background elements into different layers. You do this by duplicating the original layer then masking out the various elements and then cloning in or painting in the missing areas. For example, if you have a girl standing in front of a bench that's in a park you'll want to duplicate the layer 3 times, mask out everything but the girl from the top layer, mask out everything but the bench in the middle layer but paint in the bench where the girl is covering it, then paint out the girl and the bench from the background or bottom layer.


            There is no one click solution. Once you have your layers then you can create the animation in any program that will create multi layered animations. This process isn't quick, it takes some fairly advanced Photoshop skills, and it takes the right kind of original photograph.


            Google Kid stays in the Picture Effect and you'll find a half dozen detailed tutorials on the subject.

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              Andrew Yoole MVP & Adobe Community Professional

              It's 99% likely that your example video was made in After Effects - it's the ideal tool for the job.


              Paul Tuersley's pt_Multiplane Script makes these jobs a lot easier.  Once the hard part is done (building the layers in PS) you import the PSD to AE as a comp and apply the script.  Then you can shift the layers around in Z space and they automatically rescale to retain their visual proportion.  Well worth a couple of bucks!


              Here's a TVC I made a few months ago.  The second half of the TVC is all stills built that way.  (Whoever put it on YouTube did a shocking job, it looks awful, but you get the drift.)


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                bogiesan-gyyClL Level 3

                Andrew, thanks for the link, fine work! and thanks for the link to the plugin script thingy.

                I only wish to add this to the thread:

                Wedding shooters have been doing these moves for a long time and they have shared techniques within their online communities for just as long. Sya they shoot the bride in a wheat filed. They cut her out, clone the filed to fill the hole, animate. However, it took some AE wonks to point out to them that it would be far easier if they just shot a clean plate, the filed without the bride, instead of trying to fill the hole she left.



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                  Szalam Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                  You can do a lot in AE. If you do end up getting it and learning it, I'm sure you'll find much use for it.


                  Here is a great tutorial on the technique that you can probably use in other software too.


                  If you do get AE this is a great tutorial on using Photoshop and AE together for this.

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                    F02 Level 1



                    I just wanted to thank everyone for taking the time to reply to my question.


                    Unfortunately I haven't been able to respond as I wished to because I'm finishing off a project that dragged on a little longer than planned.


                    I had a quick look at the replies but I haven't been able to give them my proper attention. I should be able to do this and then get back to you all within the next day or so but I didn't want any of you to think that you had wasted your time.


                    Thanks again.

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                      F02 Level 1

                      Hi Mylenium,


                      Thanks for the information on Photoshop CS5 Extended and for the information about the other software.


                      I don't have any of these tools at the moment but I am happy to buy one. However considering that it is really for this one effect I don't want to pay for After Effects.


                      Also I am going to upgrade both of my current Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop installations so I guess that if I can use CS5 Extended or one of the other cheaper products for the effect then that would be great.


                      I'll have to look around to see what's about.


                      Thanks again.

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                        If you decide to eventually purchase AE, a useful plugin for what you're doing is Digieffects Camera Mapper.