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    Automation naming for selenium


      I've been asked to add automation naming to various aspects of an application. Though what is eluding me is how to name the items in a menu box that is triggered by a menubutton. The menu button is easy as the property 'automationName' is available right in the menu button. But how am I to add these names to the menu?


      I also must label each item in a grid. Anyone have an example how to apply this property?

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          Ok. Another tough one is using a <ux:CheckboxSelectionDataGrid> there is an automationName property. But how are the id's given to the checkboxs that exist on each row of this datagrid? do we need to add in a checkbox column (an explicit one) and then have a render for it which we can then give them automation names? or can i somehow hook into the default checkbox render somehow?