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    Place image CS3=full size; CS4= icon


      In CS3 I could place a TIFF image, say 9"x12", into a spread and the entire image would appear.  In CS4, the result is different, only a small icon-like representation appears.  Here's a sample code:


      Sub testcs4place()
          Dim myInDesign As InDesign.Application
          Dim myDoc As InDesign.Document
          Dim myLayers As InDesign.Layers
          Dim myLayer As InDesign.layer
          Dim mySpreads As InDesign.Spreads
          Dim mySpread As InDesign.Spread
          Dim spreadArr As Variant
          Dim filename As String
          Dim X, Y As Variant
          filename = "C:\temp\test.tif"
          Set myInDesign = CreateObject("InDesign.Application")
          Set myDoc = myInDesign.Documents.Add
          Set myDoc = myInDesign.ActiveDocument
          Set mySpread = myDoc.Spreads(1)
          Set myLayers = myDoc.Layers
          Set myLayer = myLayers.Add
          myLayer.name = "test_place"
          X = 50
          Y = 50
          Set spreadArr = mySpread.Place(filename, Array(X, Y), myLayer, False, False) 'test
      End Sub


      What in CS4 do I need to do to have the full image appear as it did in CS3?


      I checked the porting guide and did not see anything addressing this change.

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          JohnPoole Level 1

          Here's a question that will embody what I'm trying to do:


          I want to place two graphics onto a spread.  At run time, I do not know the size of the graphics, only their file name.


          Graphic A C:\temp\test.tif

              width: 3522
              height: 4635
          Size in points:
          resolution 397 pixels/inch


          Graphic B (a small section of Graphic A) C;\temp\test2.tif

              width: 2130
              height: 546
          size in points:
              width: 386.3
              height: 99

          resolution 397 pixels/inch


          Under CS3 or CS2 all I had to do was place the graphic and then I could manually move it about after it was placed.  In CS4, what comes in appears to be in a rectangle and is an arbitrary uniform small size.  I can access the parent rectangle and set an arbitrary size, e.g. in point 700 width and 900 height, but the graphic just stretches to fit the dimensions of the retangle I create.  I've tried exploring in VBA using the watch to see if the pixel size and resolution are exposed so I could calculate what the appropriate rectangle size would be, but I have not found anything.


          This used to be simple operation; now it's complicated and I have not been able to find any documentation on point.  I'm sure there's a simple explanation and hope that an Adobe monitor of this forum can provide the solution.

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            JohnPoole Level 1

            It looks like the type of TIFF file is affecting this behavior.  I found that if I changed the image parent's horizontalScale and verticalScale to

            1198 it would display.  However, if I modified the underlying graphic to become an 8 bit grayscale, then it imported nicely without having to go through the scaling.


            I would say my issue is solved; but my inability to find documentation on the treatment of TIFF images, or how scaling is effected, certainly set me back many hours.