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    Offending Command Stack error

    katherinereece Level 1

      I'm attempting to print one file directly from AI, CS5.  Only part of the file prints, the design part, not the text.  Then the printer spits out another page with this message.  ERROR:  undefined, OFFENDING COMMAND: C>  STACK:  234.752.  This is an OKI C6150N, directly connected to PC via USB port.  This file was origianally on Artboard 2.  Artboard 1 (similar design) printed fine, Artboard 2 had the error.  I created a new file with one Artboard, retyped the text, copied the design.  Still same error while printing.  If I save it to a PDF file, it prints fine from Acrobat.  I recently upgraded to CS4, then CS5.  I have never had this issue before.