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    Question about spry menu bar placement



      I have a sort of general question about placing a spry menu bar on my page.  I have a banner across the top and would like my links to show up in the blue line going across the page - half the links on the left side of the logo, and the rest of the links on the other side of the logo.  What is the best way to do this?  Right now, my banner is one complete image.  Should I do the image as a background? If so, how do I get the menu bar placed in the correct spot over the blue line?  Should I just insert it as an image - but then how do I get the spry menu bar placed correctly on top of it in the blue line?  How do I correctly get the 1/2 the links on one side and the other half on the other side?  - should it be two menu bars?  Thanks in advance - pretty new at this and am unsure of positioning things....Here's a link to the page that I am referring to:  www.thepieplace.net/pphometest.html