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    Most efficient way to composite bats in a closet.

    wonderspark Level 1

      So, I have CS3 on an '09 Mac Pro, and CS5 Prod. Premium still in the wrapper, because I'm leery about upgrading mid-project.  I have footage of a man opening an empty closet, then reacting to bats that I have to put in.  I have three bat images cut out, each the same but with high, level and low wing positions to animate into flapping.  I know how to make a motion mask to reveal the bat inside the closet as the door opens. I can layer the three bat images on top of each other, and keyframe their opacities to alternate them, creating the flapping. I can add motion and blur to the bats to create more realistic flight.  The problem is getting all this in one comp. Should I just do this in parts, such as making a chroma key background, animating the bats on blue, then comping that onto the door footage, and mask the door there? I keep running into unintended problems doing it all at once, like my mask moves with bats, not door.   I've never animated an object with masks and motion all going in independent directions like this, and it's driving me batty... Hahaha.