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    Blank Screen after CS5 trial load


      Hi all!


      I've downloaded the CS5 trial to give Premiere Pro a shot for a video I'm making this summer. I was able to get the trial to load once (I made a project and put in a few clips). But now, when I load the program, I get all the way through the splash screen to a blank Premiere window, but I can't do anything (pressing enter seems to close a dialog box which closes the program, but I can't see the dialog box, even using Win-Tab to see all my open windows). Any ideas?


      Steps tried:

      Removed CS3 Web Premium (my last Adobe purchase)

      Removed CS5 trial, restarted, reinstalled


      Computer configuration:

      CPU: i7 965

      RAM: 12 GB DDR3 1333

      Graphics: EVGA GTX 285 x2 SLI (disabled)