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    Email I Just Sent to CineForm

    Chuck A. McIntyre Level 3


      Is it possible for you guys to create a modified version of the existing
      Neoscene plugin for Premiere CS5?  The modified version would offer the
      editor the option/preference to automatically batch convert video files of
      his/her choice upon import into the Premiere Bin.  In other words, checks
      in boxes within CineForm's "preferences" where AVCHD, HDV, Canon 7D and
      even Panasonic P2 are listed would automatically initiate the conversion of
      selected files to the CineForm codec (upon import into Premiere CS5).  This
      would be similar to Final Cut's "Log and Transfer" with the exception that,
      It doesn't transcode every freaking video file you import.


      The reason I mention Panasonic P2 is, these files use a folder structure
      that makes video archiving and re-location of specific video files,
      time-consuming and frustrating.  These files edit beautifully, but the MXF
      files can't be renamed without breaking the link to their audio.  Also they
      do not show a thumbnail in Windows Explorer, and often times won't play in
      Windows Media Player.  It's pretty much a nightmare to keep track of these
      files when you have a number of them.


      If you go ahead with this idea, I think you should create a video for your
      website that demonstrates the benefits to a production editor.  Show a
      producer asking an editor to find (for instance) last year's Panasonic P2
      file of the "guy driving the blue Mac truck down GA 400 on the rainy day".
      A search for a video file like this would be much, much easier in a Window
      Explorer friendly search for a CineForm file that shows a thumbnail and
      plays in Windows Media Player.


      If you should go ahead with this idea, would a free copy of neo4k be too
      much to ask?