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    Jerky Playback in PP CS5 Player (Mac)


      Greetings:  I have imported video (.mov file) from a Canon EOS 7D into  Premiere Pro CS 5 (shot at full 1080 HD resolution) and notice that the playback inside Premiere is extremely jerky and skipping.


      Here are some tests I ran to rule out what the issue might be:


      1. If I view the video on the camera, it seems very smooth.
      2. If I upload the same video to Vimeo.com, it also plays perfectly smooth.
      3. If I export the video to H264 / MP4, it also plays perfectly fine opened in Quicktime 10 (113)


      This tells me there is some other issue going on and that it's not actually a problem with my actual video.  I would like to solve this issue as I can see no possible to way to edit the video if playback is like this.


      I am hoping someone can shed some light on this. Thank you.


      System Specs:


      iMac 24" /  2.4 Ghz Core 2 Duo

      4 GB Ram DDR 2

      Mac OS X / 10.6.3
      ATI Radeon HD2600 / 256 MB

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          Harm Millaard Level 7

          A player is not an editor. A core 2 duo is not enough to edit this material. You need something beefier.


          A pocketknife may be enough to cut a slice of ham, not to disect a whole pig.

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            Danomatic Level 1

            Harm, thanks for responding. I am not sure you understood the first part of my question. I meant the player thats inside of Premiere Pro CS5. Maybe I don't have the right terminology. Bascally the interface where clips are previewed, maybe that describes it better. I also have  a hard time believing that my fairly new Mac cannot edit this material. Really with 256 MB Video memory and 4 Gb Ram?

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              John T Smith Adobe Community Professional & MVP

              Read Harm's reply again... "A core 2 duo is not enough to edit this material"


              You need a quad core CPU... and 4Gig of ram is also a bit "light"


              The player inside CS5 is still part of CS5... it is not a simple, standalone player that ONLY plays

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                Danomatic Level 1

                The specs on this page: http://www.adobe.com/products/premiere/systemreqs/ show that my system meets or exceeds the requirements to install this software. 


                I am learning now that it could be more an issue with the way the EOS 7D processes video and some have suggested that Cineform NeoScene will solve this issue. I am going to to download a trial and post my results back here.


                I am new to video editing and it's apparent that this may not be the best place to post for begginers. I may call Adobe support, I am not sure what kind of support I get with a license but I will check that out also.


                thanks again, cheers.

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                  Harm Millaard Level 7

                  The specs on this page: http://www.adobe.com/products/premiere/systemreqs/ show that my system meets or exceeds the requirements to install this software.


                  You are correct, it should install. Running the program is another matter altogether. For DV the 'suggested' requirements are a bare minimum, for anything more demanding, like HDV, AVCHD or the like, you need even more muscle from your system.

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                    the_wine_snob Level 9

                    Actually, I feel that this is one of the best places for anyone, beginner, or seasoned pro, to post with questions on PrPro. Most issues are effectively and efficiently handled here. Poor Adobe T/S has a pretty lousy record in that respect. All of us were beginners once and very, very few have ever forgotten that.


                    Now, as Harm points out, the difference between the published minimum specs., and real-world specs. for editing can differ, and usually greatly. Most of us feel that Adobe should bump those specs. up quite a bit. I think that a few Adobe folk feel the same - no names will ever be mentioned.


                    The only limitation here is that for some Mac-specific stuff, most of the contributors are on PC's, so there can be things that we just do not know. OTOH, there are more Mac folk coming by every week, so they have proved very useful and their contributions acknowledged. Many of us know a handful to tweaks, or utilities to speed things up on the PC, but most do not know what's available for the Mac. To me, that is the only limitation of this forum, and with more Mac contributions, that is fading into history.


                    Hang in there with these guys, as the ARE trying to help, and they DO know their stuff, so long as it is not 100% Mac-specific.


                    Good luck,



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                      John T Smith Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                      >apparent that this may not be the best place to post for begginers


                      While there is often a certain amount of opinion in the answers here (most people do have a tendency to think what works for them will work for everyone) you will also be given answers from people who use the software in the real world... and that goes far beyond the "minimum" requirements and into real, productive work


                      You asked why you were having problems, and were told your computer is not "strong" enough to edit HD material... and you posted back that you didn't believe the answer


                      Now, you say that you've read that you need to convert your material to a less demanding format... so maybe you are beginning to understand that your computer is not going to directly edit your souce material in a successful way


                      I also don't see you mention the rest of your hardware... so do be aware that you need AT LEAST 2 hard drives for editing


                      I'm in the Win world, editing AVCHD, and have an Intel i7 with 12gig ram and 3 hard drives... and that is just about the REAL minimum for the type of file

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                        Danomatic Level 1

                        I have a few dedicated 1 TB SATA Hard drives (I researched this and found that its best to have dedicated media drives). I found this thread where someone was having an issue with Canon 5D video (and it looks like his system specs include a quad core)




                        So, It's beginning to look more and more like something to do with the way the 7D outputs video though it's supposed to be an industry standard format. I know a lot of people will argue that I don't have a true video camera. To be honest it was a "nice to have" feature for me as I am a mainly a still photographer. that being said, it's apparent there are issues here with the way cameras like the 5D and 7D output video.


                        I will continue to research this. I also discovered that Cineform Neoscene for Mac won't be compatible with PP CS5 until July.  I appreciate all the feedback everyone has given. I am a die hard Mac guy going back a few years and I'd love it if I could afford a Mac Pro loaded up. My iMac seems lightning fast for Photoshop (and I am talking large 300 + MB images) but I guess video is a whole different animal. Since I dropped a small fortune into my new 7D and lenses, I am probably not looking at a new Mac at the moment.


                        I may try the proxy file method as mentioned in the link I posted above. I'l use this thread as a means to post back what I have learned. Or it may be that I need to go to Final Cut Pro as that was made for a Mac and possibly more compatible with the video output by the 7D.


                        I got Premiere Pro CS5 as part of Production Premium anyway so it's not like I feel I wasted my money as I got nice upgrade to Photoshop and Illustrator, both of which I needed.

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                          John T Smith Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                          While I was researching components for my computer (built late April) and camera (I decided on the Canon Vixia HFS100 for the "larger" lens and 6 Megapixel sensor) I read messages that said I would need RAID for data transfer speed... and other messages that said AVCHD files were much more processor intensive due to the compression scheme, and a regular 7200 Rpm drive would work OK


                          I went with a regular drive... and an Intel i7 930 and 12Gig of ram for the "processor intensive" part


                          So far (I just received my CS5 last Thursday and am only working with about 12 minutes of test footage as a learning tool, before I get into doing anything of substance) I am very happy with editing


                          I do not notice any lags at all, and MY workflow of AVCHD to a DVD produces better final video than what I had with my old SD tape camcorder... which is what I hoped for, starting with a much higher resolution file


                          I think my files are "somewhat" like what you are editing... and I would not even try with less than a quad core processor

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                            Danomatic Level 1

                            I just wanted to follow up on this. I have since purchased a Mac Pro Quad Core 2.8 Ghz Xeon “Nehalem" with 12 GB of RAM. I also have the new Apple 27" LCD Cinema display.  Video now plays in Premiere CS 5 very smoothly.


                            In general I am really happy with my new Mac, it's extrememly fast, Photoshop CS 5 opens in 4 seconds and Premiere Pro CS 5 opens in about 6 seconds. Before both were taking minutes to open.  Thanks again for all the suggestions and help, it really urged me to upgrade my equipment.

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                              Todd_Kopriva Level 8



                              Thank you for reporting back. This really helps. Confirmation that a suggestion works strengthens the knowledge of everyone here.

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                                Stu Nev Wat

                                To anyone that views this thread in search of an answer to jerky playback:


                                DO NOT GO OUT AND BUY A NEW COMPUTER JUST YET!!!


                                I have been using premiere for 24 hours and after encountering this same issue, I could not accept that my imac wasn't powerful enough.  It then took me 10 minutes to find the "Render entire work area" option under "Sequence".  This takes a little while to run depending on the size of your project, but will make editing smooth again.... without rushing out and spending thousands on a new machine.


                                highrockmedia, it seems you're not the only beginner on this forum - I can't believe the advice you've been given.  Oh well, you got a nice new mac out of it... hopefully you're enjoying it anyway

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                                  Danomatic Level 1

                                  @Stu Nev Wat -- that's awesome!! Apparently all the "experts" here knew better than I did and did not know about the feature you discovered. Cheers!!

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                                    joneisele Level 1

                                    Brand new using CS5.5 and my PC is underpowered.   That said, I have the same issue in that my clips play smoothly with Windows Media Player, but choke when playing in the PP Source Monitor.  What is it about PP's source monitor player that causes clips to choke when they can play back smoothly on the same computer using other software?   Are there any other workarounds other than a faster machine?   


                                    Related, I see the "render entire work area" option under the Sequence menu as noted above - is there any way to do something similar to get PP to (pre) render the clips in the Media Browser for follow up editing in the Source Monitor window?


                                    What about batch encoding to an uncompressed format and then editing the resultant clips?  I would be concerned about loss of quality here though.  Being new to PP, not even sure this question makes any sense in the first place.