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    VideoPhoneLabs example, calling only working in one direction


      Hi all,


      I have started off with the VideoPhoneLabs example as provided by adobe and extended this sligthly further, however I have come accross a strange problem during testing.


      I am using two machines, both on my local network wirelessly, both with flash versions 10.1


      1 Vista 64-bit (Machine A)

      1 XP 32-bit (Machine B)


      The issues arrises when it comes to placing a call to another flash player instance (be it on the opposite machine or a seperate tab)


      A calling A - Works

      A calling B - Works

      B calling B - Works

      B calling A - Fails


      The failure is that the recipient machine doesn't appear to receive the 'call' and no option appears in order to accept or reject it.


      This occurs with out fail every time I try to call machine A from machine B, and always works any other way. I don't see how it can be a coding issue as they are all running exactly the same version, and I have stopped all firewall/protection programs. The are both connected wirelessly to the same router as well.


      If anyone has any clues/ideas, it would be great help.