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    Simple text hyperlinking and selectable text

    oladu Level 1

      Maybe I am missing something, but it seems like Catalyst can't create simple text link within area or point text and there is no option to make text selectable as in Flash/Flex. Anyone figure out how to do this? I thought this was an interaction design  tool. I am prototyping web and mobile apps and  need to be able to simulate these interactions.



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          thx1138 Level 1

          I don't think you can do that. I think the only way to get that behavior is to convert it to a component and then add the interaction "go to url."


          I don't want to upset you but the reality is you can't edit the mxml. If you could all you'd have to do is go into the mxml and change RichText to RichEditable text to allow selection. Before you think you can just open the file with another editor, get ready for this, they've bundled it into a fxpl project. I want to use this program more but as it is now it reminds me of a mermaid... when you want a woman you get a fish and when you want a fish you get a woman.

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            oladu Level 1

            Ha!ha! No worries. Just wanted to confirm the program is still not ready for prime time.



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              Musix4me Level 1

              It is very unfortunate that in a full release program like this (even version 1), editing text and adding a hyperlink to it is relegated to secondary programs and coders.  It really makes me scratch and shake my head at Adobe.


              I love the idea of Flash Catalyst, but am disappointed at the limitations built in.  They are often simple and basic things one would think a company as experienced and professional as Adobe would be able to include even in the beta versions.


              For now, I am going to explore the published files to see if I can edit the text to add a link.




              Addendum:  I write this as an addendum because it is merely a partial work around that I discovered that is unique to my needs.  I still have the same opinion of the situation with Adobe releasing a product inferior to their standards.


              I needed a single file to be linked to within the text of my "About" page (I would have liked more, but the single PDF file suffices for basic functionality). What I did was to finish editing my text and change the text area to a button. After that I could add an interaction to the entire "About" text so that if my customer clicks anywhere in the text, it will open the PDF in another window.


              Sad...even in this Forum it is so simple to link out to another page or file from within my text.


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                Ansury Level 3

                Geez. I'm truly saddened to find this thread and I'd say it's probably good proof that Microsoft/Silverlight has indeed passed Flex by in terms of design capabilties and designer tools.  I never thought I'd see this happen.

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                  Just put a button over the text. Use multiply mode to keep the text visible underneath.


                  InDesign sucked in v1.0 sucked, but now it's incredible. Catalyst will get there!