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    Flash movie won't play on testing or remote server in web page

    farrelldoc Level 1

      I have a Flash slideshow that will only play in a browser if I click File > Open and open the .swf file locally and directly (not in a web page). It has never played in a webpage, remotely on the web server or locally on the Wamp server. It plays correctly in Flash when I test it.


      I have tried uploading the HTML page that Flash generates (without any changes), and it won't even play in that file. I have also tried using Dreamweaver's "Insert Flash" feature, and that was no good either.


      Here is the direct link to the .swf:



      Here is the page that Flash generated:



      Here is the page I created using Insert Flash:



      Any help is greatly appreciated! I have a demo tomorrow, and I just have to get this figured out. I'm at the end of my rope!


      Thanks so much!