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    Still can't dock Properties Panel at top in CS5


      While I'm pretty happy with the improvements to Fireworks CS5 what I'm most annoyed with what Adobe didn't fix: Allowing the Properties panel to dock to the top!


      This was something that you could do in CS3 and earlier, but was removed with the CS4 UI redesign, supposedly for suite consistency. I was hoping it would finally come back in CS5 but no luck.


      Seems ridiculous to allow the 900-pixel wide Properties panel to dock to the sides but not the top! Not to mention, most other CS products (except Dreamweaver) have similar Options or Property inspectors at the top...so if they're going for consistency, they should allow the Fireworks Properties panel to dock the top. And, yes, I wish I could I move the Dreamweaver Properties panel to the top as well.


      Thanks for letting me vent...submitting a feature request on this wasn't enough.