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    Export Path not working in trial version of CS5 Fireworks?




      I've been trying for over a week to find a solution to create an easy slideshow and photo gallery. I finally discovered the Slideshow in Fireworks as I'm running the demo now to try to a see all the different things you can do, but no matter what I do it will not allow me to pick an export path. I've gone thru a video tutorial as well to made sure my settings were correct and read what little info is there, as its not that complicated. I need the end result to use my clients background and I'm a designer not a programmer and everything I've tried so far has lead me down the dark path. A lot has to do with the navigation I'm using as well so the scripts have to come after that and so far up to now I can deal with that.....but I was so excited once I started playing with this and saw the turorial that I figured this was it. Any guesses or is anyone else having the same problem or is there some special way or settings Im missing?