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    Uploaded FC site to web, but it doesn't play... HELP!


      Okay, so I've built my first FC site (thrilled, by the way!). I've uploaded all the deploy-to-web files, but nothing shows up on my website. In Safari I get a white box and in Firefox I get "contents on this page requires a newer version of Adobe Flash Player", however, I have the newest flash player installed already.


      I tried creating a very simple, one page site through FC just to see if I could get it to work, and it did! But I did nothing different in creating the second site! So now I've wondering if perhaps my file is too large or complex, which I don't really think is the problem? (16 states, 12 MB, lots of graphics for my online portfolio). Another thing I found odd, when I open my deploy-to-web folder and look in my assets, then images folder, there's nothing there. I would think there should be something!


      Any help on the matter is greatly appreciated! Thanks ever so!